FCA bans dodgy ‘passporting’ limefx firms using fake celebrity ads

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An investor will want to copy the trader with a positive ROI in the last 12 months and limefx makes that frictionless and without the worry and hassle of paying for signals that turn out to be misses. As it says on the tin, this strategy looks to follow market trends and cycles – it is also referred to as momentum investing. That is to say, if an asset is enjoying a prolonged period of bullishness, the algorithmic trading system will look to follow the trend by placing a buy order. Similarly, if an asset is in a bearish cycle, the algorithmic will place a sell order. Price movements, in this case, that go against the upward trend would be taken as buy signals.

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  • Hi Nazir, I’m sorry to hear that you too happened to get drawn in by a broker – and of course sorry to hear about the funds you lost as well.
  • The FCA has told the firms to stop all regulated activities after investors lost hundreds of thousands of pounds and several customers lost more than £100,000 each to the scams involving contracts for difference .

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I received this from limefx……

I’ve spoken to my bank Natwest but they said they don’t have that information either. So on top of the actual chargeback help it may also be wise to seek help from a legal professional who specialises in financial service disputes. We are constantly testing new ways to improve our performance and the speed of the site.

  • Whether the item was sent or not there’s a right and a wrong way of speaking to people.
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  • Please ensure you fully understand the risks and seek independent advice.
  • “Suspended” It was an limefxs which I and many other friends thought they were genuine.

They may be aware of ongoing cases against the companies if there has been a high number of complaints through which you might be able to recover funds. I was scammed by NADEX limefxs who are no longer on the website now? “Suspended” It was an limefxs which I and many other friends thought they were genuine. I invested $6000 and when u went to withdraw was told to wait for the exchange rate to get better and that was just over a week ago. I’m devastated, my husband and I argue everyday and he is threatening to leave me as this amount was our savings as he has no income. Monies went through Coinbase in order to reach their account .

RADING Forex Broker Review (

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Whilst the ‘staff’ are instructed not to get involved in these matters, I think it’s very poor when buyers/seller’s attitudes are just morally wrong. Tom has shown https://limefx.vip/ a complete lack of respect in many of his replies on this matter… Whether the item was sent or not there’s a right and a wrong way of speaking to people.

It’s scam

I think i have been scammed by a company called Trader VC. I have deposited all my savings and now they have disappeared, I cannot get hold of anyone via any means. I have invested £29,000, I have recent Skype conversations promising limefx official site me I could get money back and that my balance has grown to over £45,000 – that was last week and now I could end up with nothing. I have contacted My Charge Back and am waiting for a call, but will they deal in the UK?

I like to trade in times of volatility, so I need to make sure that the broker has good server and no price gaps. Can you please suggest any other law firms who can help me. Hi I lost my $100 usd less than a week ago now they are demanding another $250 usd from me.. I am very poor and they traded until its gets to $750 usd now they said they will take all the money and not refund my $100 back… Please help me.. Because you don’t have any profits – the whole thing is a scam.

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  • Hi Karl, whilst generally the sooner you act the more chance you have of reclaiming your funds there would be no harm in pursuing a chargeback anyway & seeing what comes of it.
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  • It being here also shows other users who we currently have an issue with for scamming on the forum which should stop them dealing with the user.
  • Obviously nothing has come out of it as this thread still wouldn’t be on-going.

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Fallen Victim To A Binary Options Scam? Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Get Your Money Back

It’s unlikely that you actually made 7,661 – sadly these brokers often falsify the profits to keep you lured in. The fact that you’ve had no contact from them after requesting a withdrawal is very worrying & I’d now advise you follow the instructions outlined in this blog post. You should follow the recommendations in the post above with regards to finding a lawyer as there are many scammers trying to take advantage by recommending fake lawyers online.

limefx scam

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Reach out to our experienced team of experts to book a free consultation session. Why do you these scam buyers on gumtree want your bank account details to pay you? If you have only lost $100 USD then simply stop trading (don’t deposit any more despite what they say) and contact your bank regarding the issue. I have been scammed by Jones Mutual company a binary trader I now realise. Hi Pizo, based on what you’ve said in my opinion it does sound like AnyOption were running a scam – and if you have lost money, then this is all the proof you need. I suggest follow the steps above ASAP & begin making progress on getting your money back before too much time passes.

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